The Absolute Return, LLC, is a Registered Investment Advisor providing comprehensive wealth management for individuals and high net-worth investors, and investment management for institutions, through a family of actively managed, discretionary, absolute return portfolios and customized research.
Preserving Capital in difficult markets
Markets trend.  Secular Bull and Bear Markets have historically lasted as little as one decade to as long as two decades or more. Within these secular markets there have been primary bull and bear markets lasting 1 to 5 years with a further division into intermediate-term trends which last a few months to over a year.   Our portfolio management attempts to preserve capital in down-trending markets towards the goal of meaningful, market independent, absolute performance over a reasonable period.  We believe that such strategies, as opposed to conventional investment strategies like Buy-and-Hold (see Why Absolute Return?), need to be a mainstream portion of investors portfolios over the next decade because of our viewpoint that we are in a long-term period of sluggish economic growth.  Remember, it takes a 100% gain to recover from a 50% loss.
Targeting Meaningful Returns with less volatility
We use proprietary, objective, technical and macro-economic models to try and harness market volatility and trends into positive returns by aligning investments dynamically with short-to-intermediate-term market trends in all liquid asset classes.  Portfolio returns are targeted relative to the “risk-free” rate as defined by the yield from 3-month Treasury Bills, with the goal to counteract inflation related deterioration in the real value of client portfolios.  We are unique in actively managing our portfolios to pre-defined volatility targets, utilizing intelligent diversification and disciplined and sophisticated risk management including objective reward-to-risk standards, and entry/exit criteria for each investment position.  This approach is designed to lower volatility and is a polar opposite to conventional Buy-and-Hold strategies which do not have any risk management built into them.  Hence, investors can expect portfolio performance that is un-correlated to the markets.
Making Alternative investment strategies accessible to ALL investors
We use sophisticated hedge-fund like strategies commonly available only to large institutions or high net-worth investors but with lower investment minimums, and without hedge-fund hassles like limited partnerships, illiquidity, or minimum holding periods.  Our comprehensive family of managed portfolios are engineered for every investor need, risk profile, and style.  Investors can create a custom-tailored portfolio targeting a specific reward/risk combination entirely from our portfolio family.
Being Transparent
The Absolute Return, LLC, uses innovative technology and processes to adhere to strict financial industry regulatory standards. We maintain a culture and practice of transparency, promote communication through regular client market and investment strategy updates from the Portfolio Managers, and welcome direct conversations between our Clients and Portfolio Managers.

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